The patio: you will discover it by entering the riad and down the steps that lead to it. Eclatant, chic, colorful, it is a beautiful place with its fountain and spillway flowing into the swimming pool (stopped at night), mosaic, plants, pottery and lanterns.

The Bhou: Moroccan lounge open on the patio, majestic with its hangings, tables, sofas and their cushions, its large typical coffee table. It is a space of idleness, sheltered, near the patio where it is good to read, to discuss, and where one can have breakfast or to take a complete meal.

The Dining Room: (Moroccan of course!) With its arcades that separate it from the open kitchen. Where Kamar will prepare you very good Moroccan dishes.

The Staircase: (very spacious) it is lit by niches and will lead you first upstairs.

The passageways: (which lead to the rooms, border and overhang the patio). They are highlighted with their beautiful lanterns, stucco, carpets and wall decorations. A small balcony, flanked by chairs and table, comes to insinuate ………. Then at the top ……

The terrace: it is very spacious, surrounded by an imposing but refined “mamouni” (wooden cloister) for your privacy. Six huge jars will display their plants and shrubs.
Its solarium, with or without parasol, its deckchairs will allow you to enjoy the sun and the blue sky of Marrakech.
Its large pergola with sofas, cushions and rugs is a place to relax, read or relax and where you can also enjoy your breakfast.

Its lanterns will discreetly illuminate your evenings under the stars. It is oriented towards the Atlas and the Koutoubia which stands like a lighthouse in the night.

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